Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Many Home Styles Known In Today’s Scenario

Home is often the most prized possession in anyone’s life as the price at which it comes is literally huge. Everyone thus desires to decorate their homes in the best way possible in order to turn their living space into an epitome of luxury, comfort and relaxation. There are many home styles that have thus made way to the home construction and decoration industry to help people turn their homes into a beautiful abode. Just two such home styles that seem to be very popular in the recent times are Tuscan style home and Mediterranean style home. Both these home types and their unique features have been described here in brief.

These are homes that evoke Italian countryside feeling, without even being in Italy, these consist of rural traditions blended with indigenous materials that have grown in popularity significantly over the past few years. The self-effacing air, emphasis on comfort and robust warmth are some things that make these homes so popular and liked. The particular feature of this home is an outdoor space that is often described as its style secret. This spot helps the family in getting a sip of sunlight while enjoying a cup of coffee; these spaces are usually a part of such homes essentially. A small patio can also work and it needn’t be too splendid.
Water fountains, even though smaller in size, are a natural trend that these homes generally have. The main stone wall in the courtyard acts like a central point erected between the high textured surfaces. The Tuscan homes do not usually have many shades or curtains, in place of these small wooden shutters are present that helps in the free flow of sunlight, natural air and breeze in and out. The wood is not painted with any artificial color and is left as it is to make it look natural and add that rustic look to any home. The casement style windows built simply is to add to the airy feeling for these homes. Also the garden usually depicts a rural landscape with tall Cyprus trees and climbing vines giving a more natural yet amazing look.

These homes are a liked style that many people opt for when looking for something unique yet stylish. The Mediterranean style homes are inspired by the sea side villas that were a liked part in the renaissance era. These homes are a perfect blend of architectural intricacies from the Italian and Spanish zones with amazing outcomes. The people living in California and Florida are more bent towards this home style. The home plans are well suited for people residing in the prairie states and the Texas Hill Country.

Some particular features of these styled homes are terra cotta roofs, low pitched tiles, arch motifs and stucco walls that denominate these home plans by offering them a unique and stylish look. The window grills are decorative and made out of wooden or wrought iron and the balconies are very beautifully decorated that offer a very appealing look to these homes. There are also some large windows that offer a deep connection with the outdoors and add an exotic, airy feeling to such living places.


In practicality, there are a large number of home styles that are present out there. But, before choosing one it’s essential to do an in-depth research in order to choose one style that ideally fits in the taste and budget of the homeowner. These home styles are a great means to add a stylish, appealing and moreover great look to any home and bag any homeowner ample appreciations.

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