Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Unique Characterstics of Tuscan Style Home

With its root linked with the Tuscany region of Italy, the design of such homes symbolizes romance in its literal sense. It’s for people who wish to own a house which depicts a rustic farm house or a grand villa with amazing grandeur. Any person who loves Italian design is bound to get carried away with such homes. These homes differ from others on various fronts including building materials used in making, architecture, landscaping and the design in interiors. The architecture which this styled homes depict is totally unique and something which you cannot find elsewhere. The roofs of such homes are slightly sloping and covered with tiles made out of terracotta. Also, the homes are usually painted in gray, white or stucco. The windows of such homes are arches in elongated dimensions.

In addition to the two popular home styles mentioned above there are many others known. You just need to calculate the budget and the look you want and there are many professionals who will help in executing the idea practically while helping you get the home you have always dreamt about. So, plan and think carefully, as a home is something you do not get a chance to buy every now and then in life, but once. So, research online or through the many books on this topic to finally find a home that best defines your needs and budget.

Unique Characterstics of Mediterranean Style Home

A home based on a Mediterranean style pattern has its roots linked with the sunny countries centered across the Mediterranean Sea.  These homes are a blend of Greek and Italian style amalgamated into one. Also, a touch of Spanish influence is clearly visible. Landscaping and ample importance to the interior decor are the unique characteristics of these kinds of homes. You can differentiate these homes by the design and architecture of roof and the look of exterior walls. While walls are made of stucco, the roofs here are sloping and covered with tiles. The most common color in which walls are painted in a Mediterranean style home are the neutral shades like salmon, peach and even yellow. The tiles installed on roofs are red which make the whole appearance and look of such homes colorful, cheerful, bright and eye appealing.

Another unique feature is that these homes are never more than two stories and have large sized windows all over. The sloping roof appears ideal to get protection and enjoy the sun in the tropical countries. Outdoors at these homes are not open but covered due to the warm weather. Also, you will find verandas and balconies in these homes. Other typical feature includes a high archway and columns, which is a must in such styled homes. The interiors of such homes are influenced by traditions from a number of regions like Spain, Italy, Greek and others as well. Another attempt at bringing the outside indoors is made by the artwork which consists of large wall murals and frescoes which portray natural or outdoor scenes.